In a world as vast as digital marketing, it takes time and experience to develop a deep understanding of any one discipline, whether it’s SEO, paid search, social media advertising, or analytics. That’s why PCG’s digital specialists helped design practical courses based on what they do every day. It isn’t theory; it’s actual tips and strategies that will help you progress in your role.

Choose from five specialist certification courses:


Our certified specialists teach you the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search strategies and the ins and outs of social media advertising

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General Manager Digital Marketing Skills

This certification will provide you with a greater understanding of digital marketing and put you in a position to make informed and educated decisions on where your marketing dollars are being spent.

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Google Analytics

This certification will show you how to properly track your online marketing efforts, inspect how visitors are interacting with your site, and how to fully utilize the intelligence Google Analytics offers.

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Our lead handling guru guides you through every step of the sales process to provide actionable strategies that will increase your ratios and maximize your leads.

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Leadership & Management Training

Taught by an industry-leading leadership coach, this course shares the most effective strategies to hire, create, and maintain a high-performing team, as well as establish a positive and influential online reputation.

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Google My Business Optimization

This course outlines the steps and strategies to get the most local visibility for your dealership’s sales, service, parts, body shop, and car rental business units.

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Get 6-month unlimited access to ALL Specialist Certifications for yourself or your whole dealership with our All-Access Subscription Packages.

Individual Subscription

6-Month Access to Digital Marketing Essentials + All Specialist Certifications for 1 Person

Dealership Subscription

6-Month Access to Digital Marketing Essentials + All Specialist Certifications for Your Whole Dealership

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