The search certification will elevate your organic and paid rankings as our specialists guide you through the entire process to research, setup, and monitor thriving SEO and paid search campaigns. From keyword planning to inspecting paid search, you’ll enjoy the view from the top of the results page.

The Importance of SEO Content

Custom content is vital to a successful SEO strategy. You will learn about content opportunities, best practices to optimize your content, and fundamental HTML skills to ensure your pages and blogs are attractive for users. The course will give you an understanding of the process, plus actionable steps to kick off a strong organic search presence.

SEM Campaign Building

Google AdWords can be difficult to understand, and expensive if it is done incorrectly. This certificate will help you build a solid SEM campaign from choosing a keyword to remarketing ads. You will be ready to run paid search campaigns and make the most out of your ad spend.

Tracking SEO and Paid Search Success

To determine what is working best for your dealership and improve ROI, you must understand how to inspect your traffic in Google Analytics and AdWords. This course gives you everything you need to know to analyze your data and inspect how your SEO or paid search efforts are paying off.

Who Should Take This Course

This certification is for marketing team members or anyone else looking to understand and implement all aspects of effective paid and organic search strategies.  It’s designed and taught by certified specialists who apply these methods on a daily basis.

6+ hours of content

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and on your own time.


Your knowledge will be tested at various checkpoints to focus on your understanding and retention of the material.

Completion Certificate

Showcase your new skills on your resume or on LinkedIn.

Course Breakdown:


Google is constantly changing, and their SEO preferences are more complex now than ever before. This course gives you the information needed to increase your rankings with content and video. A few of the important things you will gain include:

  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Developing a keyword strategy
  • HTML formatting text and linking
  • Inspecting organic traffic in Google Analytics
  • and more!


From setting up your account to connecting Analytics and AdWords, this certificate will provide an understanding and empower you to launch and inspect paid search campaigns. Gain the skills to implement UTM codes, run remarketing ads, and connect with shoppers using video pre-roll. The course will cover things like:

  • AdWords keyword match types
  • Search targeting
  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Using Google Analytics user flow to inspect paid search
  • and more !

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