Google Analytics for Vendors

January 22nd-23rd in WARM West Palm Beach, Florida

If your company calls on dealers to sell website platforms, conversion tools, digital retailing software, or marketing services then read on. Your employees need to be trained on how to leverage Google Analytics to independently validate the performance of their marketing campaigns and technology sold to dealers.

Sales associates and account managers who can spot opportunities in GA or defend their marketing reports will win more business and increase retention. Dealers expect their vendor partners to understand and work in their data ecosystem. Sadly, sales and account management teams are uncomfortable with talking about GA: inspecting goals, conversions, events, and traffic quality.

Send your sales professionals, internal trainers, product managers, and key account managers for a customized Google Analytics training and certification program led by Brian Pasch. Learn how to use Google Analytics to open doors of opportunity, increase retention, and improve product performance.

Day One: January 22nd

The fee for one day of training is $695 and includes access to online training materials to reinforce the concepts and skills developed during and after the course.

Day Two: Optional Advanced Training on January 23rd

Advanced GA training will be offered on January 23rd for vendors that want to stay a second day with Brian Pasch, for an additional fee.  The two-day package is $1,195.

Attendees will also receive a 50% discount on all PCG books that will be available for sale at the event.

Travel & Hotel

Fly into West Palm Beach (PBI) for easy access to the hotel.   If PBI is not a convenient airport, consider flying into Fort Lauderdale (FLL).  The hotel for the event is the Hilton West Palm Beach on Okeechobee Boulevard.  Book a room today.

Training Breakdown:

Day 1 - January 22nd, 2018

The workshop on January 22nd is designed for all employees and will build skills to:

  • Talk more confidently about the PCG Specification for Google Analytics and how this movement helps dealers and vendors align reporting
  • Inspect that all conversion goals are working and how they compare to vendor conversion reports
  • Inspect that events are working and how they can be used to defend the quality of website traffic
  • Install Custom Channel Grouping to show both last-click-attribution and assisted-conversions in GA
  • Talk more confidently about why last-click-attribution (LCA) and CRM lead performance reports are not showing true ROAS for your products
  • Leverage Google Analytics Predefined Attribution Models to show ROAS
  • Create User Flow reports that show the performance of landing pages used in advertising campaigns
  • Inspect that proper UTM tags are being used in referral and paid traffic sent by your company
  • Discuss the practical implications of website page load times and how to use third-party tools to demonstrate performance
  • Discuss performance of add-in tools like chat, call-tracking, and merchandising tools
  • Third party tools that can provide additional insights into website traffic

Day 2 - January 23rd, 2018

The optional workshop on January 23rd is designed for employees that want to develop advanced GA skills to include:

  • Comparing performance of competing marketing solutions that are contained in larger dealer groups
  • Building GA reporting for multi-platform dealer groups based on a standard set of metrics.
  • Building advanced retargeting strategies using GA event data
  • Inspecting website Call-to-Action buttons to identify friction with the online shopping process
  • Google Tag Manager script building to record custom events
  • Overlaying traditional media over Google Analytics to show lift
  • Increasing GA insights with third-party data
  • Advanced word tracks to discuss data with dealer clients

Sign Up Today 1 Day: $6952 Days: $1,195


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