PCG Learning Center FAQs


Q: What should I do if  I forgot my password?
A: Go to https://pcgtraining.litmos.com/account/forgot to have an email sent to you to reset it.
Q: What should I do if I cannot find the link to login?
A: Go to https://pcgtraining.litmos.com/account/login/? to log in.
Q: I watched the video module but it is not showing as 100% complete, what do I do?
A: Make sure you watch the video the entire way through, you cannot skip and answer the assessments, it will not count as complete and you will not get credit toward completion for the workshop.
Q: I watched the video module and I made certain to watch the videos all the way through but it is still not showing as 100% complete, what do I do?
A: Check to see if there is a module that includes a PDF, if so you will need to review the PDF so that the module registers as completed.
Q: I got a reminder that I only have 90 days to complete a workshop, but I have an annual pass, do I need to finish the workshop?
A: The 90-day reminder is a default setting, if you have an annual pass you have a year from the start date to complete the workshop and you can go back and rewatch them as well.
Q: Once I finish the workshop can I rewatch it?
A: Yes, you are able to rewatch any modules or workshops for as long as you have access to the Learning Center.
Q: Will I have to start over if I get interrupted while watching a video module or taking an assessment?
A: No, when you go back the system will resume wherever you left off.
Q: I am getting a video loading error, what do I do?
A:  Any loading error normally will occur if there is a slow/weak internet connection.
Q: Can I complete the workshops on my phone or tablet?
A: Yes, just download the Litmos LMS app.
Q: How do I get my workshop completion certificate?
A: Go to the Achievements tab on the left navigation, you can download your certificate from there.