Three Ways to Learn with PCG:

We’ll Teach You

With our online workshops, learning digital marketing skills from the experts who use the strategies everyday is easier than ever. Whether you’re looking to learn the fundamentals, or take a specific skill to the next level, our Digital Marketing Specialist Certifications were designed with you in mind.

We’ll Coach You

If you want to take your education up a notch alongside the knowledge and accountability of one of our experts, take advantage of our 3-month phone and email coaching package to complement any of our online learning tracks. With advice from one of our strategists, you’ll have the ability to have all your questions answered, and receive help with putting your new skills to work.

We’ll Train Your Team

If one-on-one coaching isn’t enough, our team of experts will come to your dealership for a full day of training on a variety of different areas— from digital marketing to lead handling to leadership management, and more.


“This is a great service. To have someone in the field who is a specialist in a certain thing you are after learning more about and want additional help/reassurance on, is hands down beneficial. I also found the specialists I talked to are all very knowledgable in the car market as well, not just in their craft, which I think is very important.”

– Jeremy Schuett, Cole Automotive

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