Social Media & Video Marketing Specialist Certification

Social Media & Video Marketing Specialist Certification

Our digital specialists share what you need to know about establishing your brand and winning customers through two of the most popular online channels: social media and video.


This certification course will take your social media and video skills from slim to savvy by mapping out not just the theory behind these marketing channels, but the “how to.” From setting up targeted Facebook ads to picking out video equipment, learn the ropes from the people who do it everyday.

The Basics of Each Major Social Media Platform

When it comes to social media, there are so many platforms vying for our attention that it can be hard to figure out where to devote your business’s time and money. You’ll gain an understanding of the most current social media platforms and where they fit in your digital marketing plan. This way, you can decide which ones make sense for your dealership.

Social Media Campaign Building

Building a reputation online and engaging your community takes time, patience, and a solid plan that you can execute. This certification provides a path for you to follow that helps you plan out what you need to do and how to set benchmarks that can guide you to social success.

The Importance of Video

Video should be playing a big part in your digital media plan. This course gives you everything you need to know, from how to film quality videos to how to optimize and embed them on your site and across the web. Once you finish this certification, you’ll be ready to let the camera roll and increase your search rankings and visibility with effective pre-roll ads and informative dealership videos.

Who Should Take This Course

This certification is not for people looking for a broad overview. If you’re looking to put social media and video best practices into practice, then this course will help get you there. It’s built and taught by social media and video specialist who employ these same principles for real clients.


Social Media

Just being on social media isn’t enough; you need a plan. This course gives you the information and strategies required to engage your community and target specific markets with paid advertising. Some of the important takeaways include:

  • How to engage your customers on the most popular social platforms
  • The importance of Facebook Insights for paid advertising
  • How to plan out social media campaigns
  • Branding your business on social media
  • and more!

Video Production

From planning your shot to promoting the final product, this course covers the key steps in an effective video marketing strategy. Explore the various types of videos to create, how to film them, and how to optimize them for search so that potential customers will see them. The modules will showcase things like:

  • The necessary equipment for filming your own videos in a professional manner
  • What video pre-roll is and how it can connect with in-market shoppers
  • The best ways to optimize your videos and where to post them
  • The most effective video strategies for your dealership
  • and more!

7+ hours of content

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and on your own time.

Checkpoint Assessments

Your knowledge will be tested at various checkpoints to focus on your understanding and retention of the material.


Showcase your new skills on your resume or on LinkedIn.