Leadership & Reputation Management Certification

Leadership & Reputation Management Certification

Taught by an industry-leading leadership coach, this course shares the most effective strategies to hire, create, and maintain a high-performing team, as well as establish a positive and influential online reputation.


This certification course will take your reputation management skills to the next level by mapping out the most effective techniques to request, build, and respond to reviews to create a strong online prestige. A team building and management training specialist teaches you how to make the most of your team with actionable insights on each step of the process, along with challenges managers may face.

Team Building and Performance

Hiring and training a team can be challenging, but optimizing your staff is vital to your business. This course gives you everything you need to know, from how to hire to results-oriented training. You will develop a clear understanding of the processes that should be implemented to communicate, inspire, and discipline teams for greater results.

Managing Team Challenges

Managers must address obstacles within the team to avoid recurring roadblocks. This certification course will help you address teams who are not getting results, and offer methods to discipline employees without harming the team.

Creating a Review Process and Building a Reputation

A impactful online reputation requires building out a process to get reviews, create a presence across multiple platforms, and managing both positive and negative feedback. This course takes you through the review platforms you should be using and provides a plan to grow your online reputation in a positive manner.

Who Should Take This Course

This certification is for BDC Managers, Internet Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, Sales Managers, or anyone else looking to improve their performance–both within in their team and online.  The course is taught by our management specialist who has traveled the world training businesses on management and reputation techniques.


Team Management

From interviewing candidates to training for optimal results, this course gives you the proven strategies required to lead your teams to new heights. Some of the important takeaways include:

  • How to create a training process
  • Setting goals for your team
  • Making the most of your training
  • Managing underperforming teams
  • and more!

Reputation Management

Much like managing a team, managing your business’s online reputation can be a difficult task to tackle. This course explores the must-have review platforms and the process that should be implemented to gather, manage, and share reviews. The modules will showcase things like:

  • How to ask a customer for reviews
  • How to respond to reviews
  • Syndicating reviews throughout your marketing
  • Google My Business traffic in Google Analytics
  • and more !

Hours to Complete
6 hours

One Final Exam
No Time Limit 70% passing grade