Digital Marketing Essentials Certification

Digital Marketing Essentials Certification

Learn how to build a successful digital marketing strategy and expand your knowledge of the digital marketing realm—straight from industry experts who do it every day.


Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving industry that can take years to master. Throughout this certification course, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge that encompasses everything you need to know about the finer points of marketing your business online. This industry doesn’t stand still, which is why our industry experts update our courses with the most current information and strategies. Here’s what you can expect to take away from completing this certification:

How to Build a Strategy

From building a team to execution, you’ll learn the steps required to lay out your digital marketing plan. Our educators will shed light on the importance of research, reviews, and key metrics in building an effective strategy. It will also show you how to assess the effectiveness of your plan once it rolls out.

Digital Marketing Principles

You will develop a better understanding of each of the specialties in the industry and how you can utilize each one for your business. You’ll learn the benefits and value of SEO, paid search, social media advertising, and more, while developing the necessary skills to speak to each discipline.

How To Inspect Results

The ability to interpret metrics and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is vital to improving your bottom line. In addition to breaking down the reporting tools needed to analyze results, our courses will show you how to make this information work for you. It will also give you the ability to inspect your vendors’ effectiveness.

Who Should Take This Course

This certification can benefit people in a variety of roles. The day-to-day applicability of the content means it can work for Dealer Principals and General Managers looking to understand how to improve their marketing capabilities. It can also provide the framework to help you get started in a specific digital marketing role.


Step One: Fundamentals and Vocabulary

We help you build a strong foundation from which you can grow. Learn the lingo and how it all comes together with courses that explain:

  • Automotive Advertising Vocabulary
  • What Is Google Analytics?
  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • What is SEM?
  • What is Google AdWords?

Step Two: Planning & Strategy Overview

Once you understand the basics, you’ll know the right concepts and tactics to begin crafting a digital marketing plan. This section shows you the steps to building your strategy with courses about:

  • Assembling an Internal Team and Teaming with Vendors
  • Importance of Marketing Spreadsheets
  • Understanding Value Proposition
  • Defining Conversion Metrics for Online Marketing
  • Who Makes Marketing Decisions in the Dealership?

Step Three: Website Merchandising: Desktop-Mobile Overview

Here’s where you learn how important the structure and content of your website is in converting leads from a desktop or mobile device. These modules break down ideas like:

  •   How to Inspect Your Web Presence
  •  Benefits of Having a Responsive Website
  •  How to Create a Better Lead Form
  •  What is Digital Retailing?
  •  VDP Design

Step Four: Search-SEO-SEM-Display-Pre-Roll-Retargeting Overview

This is where you get into the “How-To” sections of ways to optimize your site and best practices when it comes to display and paid search advertising. You’ll stockpile the tools necessary to improve your online visibility with courses that focus on:

  • Assessing Website SEO
  • Importance of Optimized Content
  • Onsite and Offsite SEO Strategies
  • How to Build and Track Google AdWords Campaigns
  • What is Remarketing/Display Advertising?

Step Five: Social Media Overview

The list of social media sites grows every day and each offers valuable opportunities to engage your customer base. This section covers each one and provides best practices and strategies on how to convey your message and enhance your capabilities:

  • Overviews of Each Major Social Site
  • How to Differentiate Between Engagement and Advertising
  • Creating Custom Audiences on Facebook and Twitter
  • Social Media Campaigns For Facebook & Instagram
  • Social Media Reputation

Step Six: Video Overview

Seeing is believing, and this step goes in depth on effective video marketing strategies and how they can make a difference in driving customers to your dealership. These courses cover important topics like:

  • How you Can Optimize Your Videos For Search
  • Why is YouTube Important For Dealers?
  • Effective Video Marketing Strategies For Dealers
  • Effective Video Strategies For Fixed Operations Marketing
  • 5 Videos Every Dealer Should Have on Their Website

Step Seven: Fixed Operation Marketing

Uncover valuable information on this often overlooked area for dealerships with vital strategies on promoting your fixed operations online through classes that include:

  • Why General Managers Must Invest in Fixed Operations Online Marketing
  • How Fixed Operations Can Accelerate Online Reviews & Video Testimonials
  • How To Add Content To Your Website For Fixed Operations
  • How To Develop a Practical Set of Keywords For Your Service Marketing Strategy
  • Retargeting Strategies for Fixed Ops

Step Eight: Reputation Management & Marketing

Find out how powerful an online reputation can be for your dealership and learn how you can take control of online reviews with courses focused on important topics like:

  • Understanding the Importance of Google Reviews
  • How To Ask For a Customer Review
  • How To Respond to Reviews
  • Reputation Management Best Practices
  • How To Syndicate Reviews Throughout Your Marketing

Step Nine: Connected Marketing

Your marketing plan should not be confined to the web. Learn the importance of consistent messaging across all mediums from your website to the in-store experience with courses that cover:

  • What is Connected Marketing
  • Offline Advertising
  • Online Strategy
  • In-Store Strategy

Step Ten: Reporting & Analytics

You don’t know if you’re succeeding if you can’t measure the results, which is why this final section is vital to your dealership’s marketing success. This course covers a wide range of topics on analytics and reporting with courses that improve your proficiency concerning subjects like:

  • Inspecting Organic Traffic in Google Analytics
  • Conversions Overview
  • How To Inspect Google AdWords Campaign Traffic
  • Understanding Bounce Rate & Website Engagement Metrics
  • Inspecting CRM Email Deliverability & Tracking Customer Engagement