Specialist Certifications

Who You Learn From Matters

There’s a difference between theory and real-life experience. That’s what separates the PCG Learning Center from the rest. Our online education system is built by the digital marketing and automotive industry experts who use these tools and strategies on a daily basis for our clients. And since the industry is constantly evolving, so is our content–keeping your skills on the cutting-edge.

Digital Marketing Essentials Certifications


20 hours of content featuring everything you need to know to get started in digital marketing in the automotive industry, with real examples and strategies with proven results to give you a competitive edge.




6+ hours of content to give you the knowledge and skills needed to perform specialities, including: Search, Social Media & Video, Google Analytics, Lead Handling & Sales, and Leadership & Reputation Management


To enroll, contact Kristen Chiarello at Kristen.Chiarello@PCGmailer.com