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General Manager Skills Development

Designed for General Managers who want a focused,
topical list of things that they need to know.

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"The PCG courses are the most detailed and in depth digital courses I have had
available in my time as Business Development Manager. They were not just an
overview of material that I already knew, they were a hands on demo of real
working, live websites in real time. With the addition of the assessments for each
module you really had to know what you were learning in order to complete each one."

-Melissa Bigmore, Business Development Manager, Alberni Auto Group

See what people are saying about
our Online Workshops...

"I have referred a few friends that signed up and love it.
I really am enjoying it. I think what you guys are putting
together is outstanding.”
- Andrew Wright, Owner, VinArt Dealerships

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See what people are saying about
our Online Workshops...

“It’s rare that I’m able to take such comprehensive video training
and apply it that day. Thanks to the PCG training we can take advantage
of many tools that you covered in the videos to grow our dealership
business for the front and back end."
- Xavier Brizar, Internet Manager, Peoria VW

See what people are saying about
our Online Workshops...

“The Google Analytics course is phenomenal! I knew a lot
about GA, but this program shed light onto several aspects
I had been missing. Thanks for such a great program!”
- Todd Friedman, Altura Digital Solutions

See what people are saying about our Online Workshops...

“Best online training I’ve ever encountered in the automotive industry! Great detailed insight
and step-by-step instructions for the novice and for the advanced! I felt I had a pretty good grasp
on all things digital until I started taking the courses. Highly recommended and a must have for
any dealership personnel related to the digital side of things!
- Rodney Shue, Internet Sales Manager/Director, Carolina Kia/Hyundai

We offer online workshops to further your education and strengthen your online marketing and sales skills to run your dealership in a digital age.

Online Workshops


General Manager Skills Development

This online workshop is designed for General Manager and Dealer Principals that want a focused, topical list of things that they need to know and inspect at their dealership regarding online marketing and Internet sales process.


The Manager’s Toolbox

From Novice to Experienced Manager, this online workshop will help you understand how to create a high performing team.


Internet Lead Management for Sales Consultants and BDC Agents

This online workshop will walk you through the process of installing the best way to handle your internet leads and phone calls

Automotive Industry Vocabular KPIs

Automotive Industry Vocabulary and KPIs

This online workshop covers the important words, phrases, and KPIs used in the automotive industry. This is an ideal course for on-boarding employees with no previous experience in the automotive industry.

Fixed Operations Management using Google Tools

Fixed Operations Marketing using Google Tools

This online workshop  is designed to provide the foundations for search marketing and online marketing strategies using Google products and Google recommended strategies.


Internet Lead Management for Managers

This online workshop will walk you through the steps of implementing and following an efficient, effective process to handle your internet leads and phone calls and manage your lead handling teams.



Learn how Google works and the roles that online advertising, SEO, Social Media, Online Reputation, and Video have on increasing your sales and profits.


Digital Marketing
Manager Training

A complete “how-to” guide to implementing and improving a strong online presence for your dealership.


Google Analytics
Car Dealers

A complete step-by-step guide to Google Analytics that is customized for automotive franchise dealers.


Video Marketing Strategies

This online workshop will empower your dealership to have a consistent video marketing strategy to increase your engagement with local auto shoppers.


Fixed Operations Marketing Using Social Media

This workshop is designed to provide the foundations for social media marketing for Fixed Operations.

SEO 175-2

Automotive SEO Fundamentals

This workshop will review the fundamental strategies that automotive professionals can use to increase organic traffic to their websites.


Reputation Management

This workshop goes through the reason why reviews matter and how to create a process your team can utilize consistently. Last we will show you how to leverage these reviews in your marketing.

Sales Consultant 175

Sales Consultant Training

This workshop is the perfect fit for dealers wanting give their new sales consultants a working knowledge of the dealership, how to prepare for a day. Also, training on the road to the sale, and giving a firm foundation on how to be successful.

VistaDash 125


This workshop will give you the guidance that you need to use VistaDash a cloud computing solution that allows dealerships to manage their vendor data and budgets from a central console; their personal data warehouse. 


CDK Global Website Management

Help your dealership maximize opportunities you have with the platform and build the skills you need to perform key tasks without customer support calls.



In this online workshop, students will learn how to use ELEAD1’s CRM in a very practical way. Over the length of the course students will understand the basics of ELEAD1ONE and how to apply it.

Vin Solutions CRM Training


This online workshop  covers common tasks that dealers need to complete as a user of the VinSolutions CRM platform in their daily customer communication and business sales processes.


DealerSocket CRM

In this online workshop students will learn how to use DealerSocket’s CRM in a very practical way.  Any CRM is only as good as its users and the data that is input.  

Dealer E-Process Website Management

Dealer E-Process

This online workshop is a
step-by-step guide to mastering the full potential of your Dealer e-Process website platform.